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Posted by mrk123

I got married 8 months back. we have not done any sex during in my first night. But after 1 month we are doing unsafe sex. But still my wife not getting pregnancy. Kindly let us know what are the possible ways for getting pregnancy. Kindly do the needful.


Dear mrk123,
At times it can take some time to become pregnant, is your wife's period cycle regular, does it come on a specific date or is it somewhat irregular? If the period date is regular then one can assume that the ovulation happens around middle of the period cycle, so for eg, if the period cycle is of 28 days then, ovulation may be happening on the 14/ 15 day of the cycle it is best to have sex on that day or around those 3-4 days then chances of becoming pregnant are highest.
Read these links for good suggestions on becoming pregnanat, also dost, use this time to know your partner and know each other, with pregnancy life changes and then you have to make space for one more individual in the family.
Please do rea these links all the best. If you have more questions feel free to write to us.