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Posted by GajjuBHAI

I had a beautiful relationship about 1 year with a beautiful girl but suddenly something happened (nothing serious that much at all) she broken up with me...now it has 1 year after breakup....we again in contact but not like before...it is confirmed that she has feelings for me but I can't se any action by her regarding this ..i want to be with her in relationship again...i love her so much... please give me suggestions...

Note: She is very simple, sweet and kind girl.... very innocent behaviour.

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GajjuBHAI puttar,
Please talk to her! Express your feelings. Tell her how you feel about her and how badly you want to have her in your life! She will not assume these things. You have to tell her and make her feel your love - in any way - through talks, gestures or best would be through your words. Then see her reaction - all the best! Do read this too for some great tips - https://lovematters.in/en/how-to-say-i-love-you