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Posted by Neesham

I had sex and intercoused and she took unwanted 72 within a 2 hours of time..
Will it work
And she's 20 of age.

moderator Gulutips

Dear Neesham,
ECP- emergency contraceptive pill such as Ipill/ Unwanted 72 are very reliable, emergency contraceptives, However they should be used under emergency circumstances like condom being torn or being slipped during sex, for sex please use a condom. This pill can lead to 2/3 months of irregular period cycle so please be aware of its known side effects please read on the ECP in this link. https://lovematters.in/en/birth-control/top-10-facts-about-emergency-con...
https://lovematters.in/en/birth-control/chosing-the-right-birth-control/..., ALL THE BEST.