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Posted by hritik.015

I had sex(with condom) with a prostitute at the age of 16 for the first time. Now I am 17 but I feel guilty about having sex with a prostitute. My friends and some others tell that now I will not feel great while having sex with my wife n I will feel guilty a lot. They say I will not fall in true love and will always feel ashamed of my act. I've also started feeling the same. I am very stressed about this. I belong to a very simple middle-class family Please tell me if I had done something wrong and what should I do now?

moderator Mod_Satya

Dear Hritik

Having sex (with condom) with a prostitute is OK. But hanging on to feelings of guilt is NOT OK...
Dont listen to your friends, who are offering unhelpful and unscientific advice. Use your own brain. Think for yourself.

If it helps, say to yourself: "I forgive myself". And then, carry on with life. Why live in the past?
How long do you want to punish yourself? How does it benefit you?

Yes, guilt sometimes helps by making us take responsibility for our actions. It may make us sensitive and mature human beings. That is all. No need to keep on agonizing about it.

I am sure you are already feeling lighter by sharing here. Aren't you?

You may want to check these links:

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So, again, I dont think you have done anything wrong!
Just move on- and smile...

Thank you and Happy new year, 2016
From all of us, Love Matters India