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Posted by Shauraya

I have been in relationship for a long time.she is good but sometimes I am attracted by some other men.Is it good? I used to make male friends on FB,which I have deleted my account,used to send my dick images only for joy.once I got physical with other boy,but seriously I didn't want to physical with him but I did why I don't know.everytime I feel guilty. I watch porn how they enjoy their cocks in mouth I also want to do but everytime a question stand in front of me Should I do? I have a girlfriend how I can suck cocks ? Always I bury my desire. Help me give me a right path. thank you.

moderator Bombay Sapphire

Right - so maybe some other stuff is also going on Shaurya - bisexuality maybe? A passing phase maybe? But yes - sx with other folks - while in a relationships - is not quite fair to the unknowing partener.
So either you call of this BFGF thing for a while and get to know more about yourself or you try and end it - for now.
really no one answer Dost - this one you will have to decide and choose and live up to it!
What do you say?