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Posted by zkhan

I have a gf. We both started as our relationship after confessing everything about our past. And we found each other to be comfortable with that . Recently she confessed that she made sexual relation with a guy just bcoz she found him attractive and no commitment was there, just before committing with me.
I got hurt very badly after hearing this and can't get out of this.

moderator Bombay Sapphire

hat's the thing with Casual sex. It just happens. BUT of course you must be very upset - you have every reason to be.
So now its really between you both - do you want to continue this relationship - putting all this away - OR is it a deal breaker for you
Id say, take some time off to assess yourself and your frame of mind - and then go ahead. Give her also some time to think if she has some other goals and motivation - may help everyone.
Also - do find the right words to express your sentiments, without creating too much of a scene.