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Posted by KumarRajNE

I read the anwser, My last Question for now: also when i see balloon in public shopping malls OR online, filling of "Sex with balloons" comes and my Penis starts penis errection in font of friends, i can not control 2/3 times do, how to control this is maybe bad - may effects my body health mental health fouter planning pl. help only iam effected with this in india? i want but can't talk with parents for this is bad they old fastion type and my age only:19

this bad called "Looner Balloon Fetish men" it can happens In india also?, And maybe today again my nightfall happened i found nf spot on my pants just now but i not talk about this with parents they willbe get veryy angey/bad.

I am a bad boy?,parents says be a "Good boy".

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Kiran Ki Rai.