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Posted by Shruti209

I told you my history shruti here .live in with land lord he is 54 and i am 33. You suggest me perfectly at every step thank you

My live in relation has been completed 1 month. its running smoothly.
1- My relation running good, sexual life is also good. he sex daily but some time he goes wild type. 3to 4 time sex in same night. I satisfied physically but some time he do painful bite me/press me i like it but it give pain what should i do?

2 - in one month sex my body weight increase , at 34 age my ass havey and moving when walk , my boobs size increase what should i do please tell ? My office friend asked whats happend with you? they dont know about me more.

3 Should i continue this relationship? if i live with him one year in livein , i know he will do sex regularly. My home dont know about this livin relation .

4 why my eyes got tear during sex, when i scream he kiss and i cant scream, my eyes got tear please tell

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Shruti209 puttar,
Good to hear from you again. Thank you for trusting Love Matters. Happy to hear that you both have completed 1 month.

1. Please please stop him immediately if you feel pain and feel uncomfortable. You do not have to bear it. It's not good. Soft bites and all are good but pressing so much that you feel pain - No. If you are uncomfortable about this - Talk to him. Directly. Say you do not like this and you would appreciate if he is gentle and soft during sex. If he refuses, stop having sex that day. Say no. He will get the message.

2. Beta, sex has no relationship to weight gain, really. Lot of people have sex - almost all over the world people have sex - Are they all putting on weight? No! So please look at other reasons - are you exercising? Eating healthy? And has there been a sudden change in your lifestyle? Check these factors are see if you are eating more than your required daily calories, or has your physical activity decreased? Go for a walk everyday or any other Exercise you like - yoga, gym or running - you will see the difference !

3. To continue or not continue depends on you beta. It's your life so decisions should be your. I am only here to guide you. So think of a few things - Do you think you can spend the rest of your life with him? Will his family agree? Will your family be ok? Will you be comfortable with the age difference between you - is it bothering you or you can ignore it? Most importantly - do you respect him and love him? Does he do the same? Are you both becoming friends? Can you share everything with him? Are you comfortable with him? So take your time, think about all these questions, you will find the answer.

4. Why do you cry and scream during sex? Does he give you pain? If yes, THIS IS NOT RIGHT! He cannot kiss you to stop you from screaming - THIS IS NOT RIGHT. Please tell him that sex is about pleasure - not just him but yours too. You both should be happy. If one person is crying and screaming - then something is definitely not right. He should not do things you do not like in sex. Does he finger you/masturbate you? Goes down on you/has oral sex with? Does he spend enough time on foreplay? Does he ask you what you like in sex and how you want to it ? IF he is ignoring all this - please re-think. This is not right beta. You should be happy when you have sex - not cry and scream in pain. Please do not ignore this. having sex for 3-4 times in a night is ok with you? Are you happy with this? Or do you feel pain? If you do, its okay to say no. ITS YOUR BODY. No one can force you!