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Posted by Shruti209

I told you my history . You support me perfectly. I am 34 years working live in relation with 53 year my land lord.My question
1-last 2 days my partner take healthy food,supplement and go regular gym.I am seeing few body changes in him. During sex now he increased sexual time .Its look like he never saw girl before. I cant understand after 8 years divorced what happen with him now? 4 days ago he was slow.

2- last 2 months i depresed, tensed in life but During relationship I manage my job and physical life easily and life going happily. He is doing enough for me to help in housework .Holiday time i relax and he do all work. what should i do for him?

3- Last 7 days i am in love with him. He do everything and enjoy with me i never stop. He tell me first wife story and getting cry what should i do? he is 19 years elder than me i just like a small girl infront of him.

4- His sperm come with high flow and too much quantity how ? is it bad sign ? what should he do

Thank you for support.

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Shruti209 puttar,

1. So good to hear this that he is taking care of his health. Happy for you. Yes, maybe he had a not so happy sex life earlier, so he must be feeling good with you. Enjoy your time.

2. Yes, that is a sign of good relationship - you feel happy with your partner and feel like doing everything with interest, including your job. I am so happy to hear that he is doing the work at home and also helping you. You can maybe give him some foot massage or body massage after he works and make him relaxed. You can maybe cook something nice for him some day - what he likes. Or you both can go out and have a date in some nice restaurant?

3. Why is he crying telling the story about his first wife? Does he miss her or he remembers the bad days? It's good that he is sharing things with you - it will bring both of you close to each other and you will develop emotional bonding. But if you feel that you do not want. to hear about his ex-wife, tell him. Say you just don't feel good hearing about her. Or change the topic? Talk about you or ask him about his childhood. Yes, the age gap is big, for sure. But are you happy in a relationship? That's what matters.

Also, it is too early to decide anything. Right now you are in the happiest phase of relationship. You are in love, enjoying all the things and all the attention. So give yourself some time - maybe a few months - and then see how you feel with him in long term. It's just a few days of you and him together - you will feel everything good right now smiley But think about it as any other relation - you will have your ups and downs, your fights, arguments etc just like any two people living together will have. Those will be testing times! So all the best for that too!

4. That is fine. Sperm flow and quantity is different for different men. So it's all fine. No problem in this. It's not a bad sign.

Thank you for sharing. Read this too - https://lovematters.in/hi/love-and-relationships/age-gap-in-romance-pass...