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Posted by Kumariisha

I want to know that whether my boyfriend is doing true love or not

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Puttar, Well, the simple answer is - we do not know yet. Time will tell. True love’ actually begins where pehli nazar wala love ends. Yes that’s right. Because in this bit, you have to think about those aspects of your relationship or your partner that you may not notice in pehli nazar or in your phase of attraction.

Haan jee difficult wala part. What do you want to do or be in life? Where does your partner want to be or do in life? Often you may realise after the initial phase of attraction that you two want very different things in life and may decide that you do want to continue for a long term. Was it not true love then? Bilkul tha bete ji, as long as you give each other happiness for the time you are together.

True love may also mean working through some of the difficult bits of life together. When there is lack of money, a family problem, dissatisfaction with your physical relationship or each other’s habits - all these tricky things that get noticed after the initial phase of attraction. Are you able to talk about those difficult things with each other? Are you able to discuss them and work towards a solution? If yes, we are talking about a love that is growing stronger.

So beta ji, if you are asking your Auntyji for mantras, true love is:

When you respect your partner for what they are and what their choices are.
When you both are in a relationship which is based on mutual trust, honesty, understanding of each other’s needs and demands.
When you are there for each other in difficult times and help each other out.

Yeh padh lo - https://lovematters.in/en/what-is-true-love