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Posted by Waggishaw

I will be getting married within a few months, me & my wife decided to have sex on a specific date but that date is just 2 days before her expected periods date & she will be doing it for the first time. So is it safe for her to have sex ( protected) for the first time just before 2 days of her periods?

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Waggishaw puttar,
Safe in what ways? See if you are thinking of having sex before the periods without condoms - then I would say that the chances of pregnancy are very less, but still we cannot ignore them. I would say, do not take any chances if you do not want pregnancy. Use a condom! Also, period dates can get delayed or ahead of schedule, especially because of wedding anxiety! So do not reply on it. Be safe and use protection! Also read these few tips on first time sex and wedding night sex - https://lovematters.in/en/marriage/wedding-night-sex-dos-and-donts