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Posted by Aadya

I worked in university and there was a guy i had crush on he had crush on me too(he told me).we did share some chat and things were pretty good but as i was staff i couldn't date a students and recently i left the university.But before leaving university some misunderstanding took place between us and i had texted him that its his fault that i heard some humor in university.He didn't say anything and said sorry but later i figure out i was wrong and i apologize to him with the explanation what had happen and i was hoping thing to get smooth but he started avoiding me after that.Recently he send me a song (he normally says thing via his song) of nelly furtado say it right *no you dont mean nothing at all to me* i couldnt realte why he did so?

moderator love-matters

Aadya puttar,
Yes, I remember you. Hope you are well!

I think it could mean two things:

1. He sending you a song means - he misses you and wants to be in touch again.

2. The song lyrics are actually suggesting the opposite that you don't mean anything at all to him ( no you don't mean nothing at all to me is a double negative which is quite common in lyrics).

So, either he is just saying that lets' catch up or he just wants to find a closure to this relationship by expressing how he feels about you! The best way to find out his real intentions is to just call him and clear things! It will give you peace of mind smiley


Thank you!