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Posted by Yogu231

If first period is missing after sex is the girl is pregnant?


Dear Yogu231,
If the sex was without protection then there is always a chance of a pregnancy. 10 days after sex, you could check by a home pregnnacy test. read this link to know how to test. https://lovematters.in/hi/pregnancy/home-pregnancy-tests-dos-and-donts, all the best.
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First of all if the pregnancy has already occured, and GF doesnt want to be pregnant , she can alsways go for an abortion. abortion is done done early enough is asimple process and is legal in our country.
Yogu, please check with the home pregnnacy test is she is actually pregnant. the aroused penis has sticky watery liquid which can contain sperms and there is aslight chance of pregnancy.
Please see the link on abortion and precum.