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Posted by Jennie

If a guy suddenly texts me on social media( a college acquaintance) and the two of us start talking, 2-3 days later we start talking about sex, he asks if I wanna do it over a call. How should I respond? I felt awkward and I took a step back and stopped talking to him. Did I do right? I just didn't know if I was ready or I felt sufficiently attracted to him to go into sexting. Don't people usually look for a connection, like getting to know each other more??

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Jennie puttar,
Well, 2-3 days if a very less time to know each other and start sexting. I would say you did the right thing to step back because you don't really know him, right? You just met him online a couple of days ago. And please be safe online and even if you want to indulge in some seting or video sex - do it with someone you completely trust. Else you never know where your personal pictures and videos might end up!

And yes, many of us do come across many guys who are just looking for hook-ups and sex online and no real connection! Some girls too do the same. To each it's own. The best way to avoid such people are if you make your priorities clear, from the start - that you are not looking for just sex in this relationship. I know, it's tough to be so upfront, but maybe you can try that next time beta! And keep looking for the right person. I am sure you will find someone who has the same intentions as you! All the best beta! Do read this article for online sex - https://lovematters.in/en/making-love/ways-to-make-love/online-sex-dos-a...