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Posted by melvin

if someone have sex wit a lady dat ave been disvirgin b4 n later ave sex bt no sign of blood coming out,is the person going to be pregnant ???

moderator love-matters

melvin puttar,
Yes, first time sex with a woman, without condom or without birth control - can lead to pregnancy. Blood is not the sign of anything! Some women do not bleed at all during first time sex. Hymen is NOT a seal that needs to be broken. It is just skin around the inner walls of the vagina which gets a bit stretched during sex. If hymen was a seal - how did women have periods? Think about it.

So if you have done sex with a woman without condom, first-time or 10th time - chances of pregnancy are there! Always! So use a condom. Lekin ek aur baat batana chahungi puttar - sex log enjoy karne ke liye karte hai - stress lene ke liye nahi - so please condoms ka use karo. Condom use kiya hoga to sex ki yadein bhi mazedaar rahengi - aur befikri bhi rahegi ki tum dono surakshit ho - pregnancy se aur STD's se bhi. Aise sex ka kya fayda jo kar to liya - lekin uske baad hamesha dil main dhak dhak lagi rahe - ki kahin pregnancy to nahi ho gayi - so sex karo - birth control/condom use karo - mast raho! https://lovematters.in/hi/condom-ka-istemal-kaise-kare