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Posted by MOHITSXAENA2010

I'm a divorced male of 32 Years. Few days back, I visited dermatologist to consult skin related issue near gentile. Doctor adviced me to undergo HIV test which resulted Positive for me. Before this incident my second marriage was fixed and is planned in November. I informed the same to girl's family but they are ready to proceed further.. I'm in doubt why one can do so and will it be legally fine to marry in this case when girl is HIV negative. Will the sex life be normal. Kindly assist on this.

moderator Bombay Sapphire

Yes , I will agree this is not a common situation. Especially in an arranged marriage. Are you sure they are aware of what being HIV positive means? Is the girl aware?
Mohit, please put this in writing to them - be it in a wassap or a email or a recorded conversation - .so that later they cannot claim that you did not tell them, because this is ground for divorce - not being HIV + but not telling.
But all that apart.
If the girl knows and is ready - and you are sure you have been very very clear about your life, responsibilities and health AND equally you know enough about the girl her her matters - then why not. Meet her a few times, assess the situation between you both, talk freely and then decide. This will also help you Dear Mohit, after all you dont want to enter an unhappy situation yes?
BUT - do keep in mind that you will perhaps need to use a condom always - which also means - no kids. Otherwise you are risking not only her but also the kid. Do discuss all of this - its not easy!