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Posted by Menstrual_woman

I'm not sure how relevant this is but what is the best way to deal with PMS and the hormonal imbalances associated with it? Like the kind that lead to mood swings and depression

moderator Bombay Sapphire

Hahahah!! Well said- it is very relevant for the menstruating woman I would say!!
SO. usually we say, do what you like - eat what you want, do what you want - if you want
There are some oil based natural capsules people recommend, primrose oil, camomile and stuff like that - which are perhaps feel good products - with no haram - so see if you want to try any of those.
As far as moods go - I say - well we all have them - irrespective of gender or menstruation . So we all do handle them don't we. Do the same. BUT I also say, don't ignore depression - outside of these days - keep a watch on yourself - you feel you are a bit too down - for no reason other than PMS - see a physician.
I say , if you feel blue - be blue - but then get back to being sunny too. Anything more to add, do feel free , here.