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Posted by Jacky

Is it necessary that foreskin should reterace when we mate with our partner?i dont get my skin retraced when erect.but when pulled back it gets retraced but its a little painful ,i tried to masturbate by foreskin retraced but even after trying hard i couldnt ejaculate,and trying to masterbated with skin retraced by laying down on bed is a nightmare,i couldnt make it up....
And without retrace with laying down on bed i end up within 3 minutes...am i a victim of premature or delayed ejaculation?

Please advice me suitably !

moderator Mod_Satya

Dear Jacky
A foreskin which can be retracted is good for hygiene - so that you are able to clean the head of penis, while having a bath. If it is not retractable, it can be painful during sex and this would disrupt the flow of your sexual experience. Since you have felt pain and had difficulties, you should consider a doctor, who may advise circumcision- a small and safe procedure.
No, you are not having any issue with ejaculation. It is just the discomfort caused by a tight foreskin.
So, do consult a doctor.
Best wishes!


But i can retrace it,it just didn't happen by itself.. I have to do it manually..but feel discomfort while mastubation...
Please suggest


If u do regular sex It will become normal bro!
Not a issue now it's natural.

moderator Gulutips

Ok Vikas More for your opinion. Thank you for writing to Love Matters.