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Posted by Kajalthakur

It's been three years of my marriage but I'm still struggling to get pregnant.my all reports are normal and my husband's reports are normal too. I have a kind of irregular periods like for three to four months they are regular but after that it becomes irregular. I tried the injection under doctor's treatment for developing the egg and rapturing it but the injection didn't suit me andi was hospitalized for 3 days due to low bp.
At present I'm not taking any kind of medicine and not going to any doctor as well.kindly suggest me what should I do?

moderator Gulutips

Dear Kajalthakur,
So dear friend, it does seem that you have looked into the problem, what does the doctor say about irregular periods, is it related to PCOD? Our suggestion would be to take a second opinion and to know whether the ovaries are producing the egg? If not then a hormonal treatment might be required.
Giving you these links, do go through them
All the bvery best to you. Do write whenever you feel like . Hope this helps.