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Posted by Swetha1437

Madam after intercourse next 1 or 2 days i started white discharge the place is swollen and with pain and bad smell what is the reason madam or if i am pregnant madam

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Swetha1437 puttar,
You cannot know about pregnancy so soon after 1 day of sex. Was the sex unprotected ? Condom use kia tha aapne? Agar nahi to pregnancy ke chances hain. you can take home pregnancy test after 10 days. And for pain and bad smell - please talk to a doctor - a registered gynaecologist /female doctor. It could be a UTI - or urinary tract infection or some other infection - like yeast infection. Doctor can tell. Doctor will give medicine and it should be ok. Please consult a doctor immediately. Avoid sex now till your problem is solved. Once you feel better and have no pain - ask your doctor when you can have sex again. https://lovematters.in/en/safe-sex/stdsstis/candida-yeast-infection