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Posted by Madhuveer

I am middle age married man. After enjoying many years sex with wife, her desire has reduced. We now have sex once in a fortnight or even a month. I feel very sexy and get hard on every morning. Have to masturbate to ejaculate. I learn there is some technique like edging, that controls compulsive masturbation. Have tried for a month now. kindly advise if it's a good alternative to masturbating.

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Madhuveer puttar,
You do not need to control masturbation! Its ok and healthy way to reduce your sexual desires and satisfy your urges. Please do not try to reduce the urge. Its normal. Masturbation is a healthy alternative to sex. Also, talk to your partner and understand why she is no longer interested in sex - what is the reason? Read this article for more details - https://lovematters.in/hi/mera-sex-karne-ka-mann-nahi-karta