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Posted by Sumathi

Mam do u mean there a chance of pregnancy???....can the pregnancy test kit reliable .....shd I tk another test at home. Mam I dont hv the chane of pregnancy ryt. I the lab its a bit difficult mam.


Ok sumathi, its ok if you cant go to the lab. If youve checked with the help of a pregnancy kit and result is negative then chances of a pregnancy are remote. However, what is the cause of irregular periods is something to find out. so you could visit a registered doctor.

Also do go through the link that we gave in the last answer. We request you to add your questions below the first question you asked, so t hat all questions on the topic are in one place.
Do try to relax, and wait for "normal" periods to appear. All the best.
Please do consider using a condom , so that its easier on you.
Do read our website. www.lovematters.in.