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Posted by Sumathi

Mam I had an unprotected sex in the month of may around 20th and my periods date is 29th I missed my periods and thn in the month of june I got few drops of bleeding but not a regular bleeding....I also took home pregnancy tests twice in the month of june ..I got negative both the times but still I didn't get my periods till today. Are there any chance of me pregnant.......I need ur help mam......plz......


Dear Sumathi,
If youve done the pregnancy test after following instructions on the packet and its negative then chances are that you are not pregnant, because the test is quite reliable.
Is it that you have irregular periods? Is it possible to see a registered doctor / gynec? You could also get a pregnancy test done at a lab. in the meanwhile. https://lovematters.in/hi/missed-period-not-pregnant
All the best.


Mam I m only 18....I cant take a test in the lab my parents may fire me....no one knows abt this....I visited my homeopathy doctor with my mom(they dont know abt my relationship mam) he said its because of stress....I have irregular periods during my exams mam.....what could be the reason ....I m confused.....but for sure there no chances of pregnancy right mam??


Irregular periods could be due to stress but also has other reasons. https://lovematters.in/en/our-bodies/irregular-periods-could-it-be-pcod
You are an adult and you can get a pregnancy test in a lab without anyones knowledge, far from your home. Do ensure your partner uses a condom the next time you have sex. this will save you from a lot of worry.. All the best.