Posted by Ravi123456

Mam , i just married, i had a gf before married and sex interest was very high, after to another girl, sex interest is very low, what can i do to better sex towards my partners


aunty ji's interest is low as well


Hahaha!! No not really. Sometimes the DB misses a question or more - or one of us takes an off , you now, the difficulties of being human. Apologies.
So now Ravi 123456, you must have heard of sexual chemistry? perhaps you had it with the earlier girl and dont with this one? Maybe you miss the first one, and worse, maybe you are comparing the two - and hence. The issue also is that now that you are married, and teh sex is not so great - one thinks, oh I' m stuck in this now - but actually that may not be a great way to look at the situation, yes? just try to get to know your wife/ partner more. Educate her, teach her on what works and what all you can try... establish a relationship of equality and faith - dont judge. Who knows what she is thinking, feeling - yes?
All possible and more.
may women dont know enough about sex and are too embarrassed to find out - give her this website to read up - EVERYTHING and then you get talking - about her, about her likes and dislikes and things like that... what do you say?