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Posted by Priyaxyz

Mam... We had a sex right one week before my period... And now it's been 10 days from last cycle and I still didn't get my periods... Some times I feel symptoms of menstrual pains... Are these symptoms of pregnancy.. Any chances that am pregnant? Can u suggest


Dear dost Priyaxyz,
Did you have unprotected sex or used any contraception (condoms or birth control pills) ? If you did not use any protection, there are chances of pregnancy. You can do a simple Home Pregnancy test. Morning urine sample is much better for this. However, if you used contraception, then relax, sometimes periods do get delayed because of stress too.

Read these links for more information. https://lovematters.in/hi/resource/safe-sex


Can you tell how to do a pregnancy test at home without using kit...


Priyaxyz bete, relax. But you cannot do a test without the kit. A kit is easily available at any chemist shop or even online on various websites like amazon etc. Just order one from there and do the test if you are unable to go out. https://lovematters.in/hi/pregnancy/home-pregnancy-tests-dos-and-donts