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Man, I'm unable to maintain my erection due to which I am unable to satisfy my partner.
May I have oral sex with my female partner to satisfy her?

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Omnivorous Carnivorous puttar,
Yes sure you can have oral sex with your partner. It is a very good way to satisfy her and you can also masturbate her. Read more about it here - https://lovematters.in/en/how-to-have-sex-with-girl

Oral sex karnay mein koi samsya nahi maslan saaf-safai ka poora dhyan rakha gaya ho aur ismay dono partners ki barab marzi shamil ho toh! aur behtar hoga yadi condom ka isteml kiya jaey aur yaha padh lijiey :


Absolutely you can go down on her. I've never been a stallion as far as stamina goes. So early in life I started working on my cunilingus skills. Now I have a reputation for "knowing his way around a pussy". My ex really regreted bragging to all of her friends how good I was. After we split her girlfriends started lining up. She found out and lost her mind.
You can mix it up during sex. Definitely start off with eating her out. Also once the sex starts when you feel like you are going to cum too quick, just pull out and start licking her again. Don't just pay attention to her clit. Make sure you gently lick her labia and finger her as you do.
One night slowly start massaging her asshole with the tip of your finger while your tongue is sliding all over her pussy. She'll love it. I promise.