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Posted by Pandeysiya

My husband is not taking interest in sex. He remains busy in his office work now a days. Is it safe to seek sexual pleasure with his friends or in relatives? I am a bit reserved about it.

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Pandeysiya puttar,
I can understand your situation. Have you tried talking to your husband? Maybe you can tell him how you feel and how it is affecting you. You can tell him about how his not being there is making you feel frustrated. I am sure he will understand. But seeking sexual pleasures elsewhere is your own decision - you have to think about the pros and cons of it. Are you ready to be in a relationship with anyone just for sexual satisfaction? What will happen if your husband comes to know about it? Will he feel alright? What if some of his friends or relatives - with whom you plan to have sex - tell him behind your back about your intentions. Would both of you be able to handle this situation well? Will your marriage survive after that? Are you ready to take this risk and end your marriage? You have to think about all these situations before you take any step.
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