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Posted by HarshitaShukla9

My husband is unable to make me pregnant for the 2nd time. Should I ask my son or my husband's younger brother (devar) to make me pregnant only once ?


If your husband is unable to make you pregnant, from where did u get a SON ?

The 2nd thing is how could u ask ur Brother-In-Law to make u pregnant. Do u really mean that u gonna ask him to have sex with u. This is totally unfair to ur Husband. U should talk with ur Partner and take some Medical Council. Not the other way around.

Thank You.

moderator Bombay Sapphire

Well said Patel 9... and where is the surety that the Brother in law will be able to do this feat in one go - suppose it takes an year? This is no Hindi movie Harshita.
And how can we be sure its your husband who is unable? Have you got some tests done?
Having a child, second or first , is for you both , not you alone - you may want to take his opinion as well - as to how you both can go about it.


After some tests, doctors suggested that we should try IVF, but it didn't works. So I have no option for going towards my son or devar for pregnancy.
I asked my devar but he denies becoz he have a happy family, so I have only one option that's my son.


I tried to convincing my son since 3 weeks, finally my son ready for sex. He wants to continue sexual relationship after the pregnancy.
Should I go with him.


If your son is ready, that's fine... Go ahead and impregnate by your son


Enjoy your sexual life with you and your son

moderator Bombay Sapphire

Come on Harshita - do you really expect anyone to say a yes to this idea... apart from vivekbaba!!
In no community nor culture is this considered all right - you know that very well.
Think of other medical solutions - there are plenty.
Think of adoption - again plenty of babies and adoption agencies to help you.