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Posted by Anonymous7

My penis glans are swollen from few months. I consulted two doctors they gave me antibiotics and an oinment to apply on the affected part of glans but there's no use after taking the medicine and applying ointment.
Please help me or suggest me something regarding this so that I can cure myself

moderator love-matters

Anonymous7 puttar,
Did you go back to the doctor and told him that the medicines are not working - he could have changed them and given you an alternative medicine. So please reconsult him or you could take another opinion from a doctor who is a urologist - a specialist in dealing with such issues. You can also consult some sexual health doctor to rule out STI- check this website for more details - https://drsafehands.com/

Also, if this problem is consistent, you can consider circumcision - a small surgery to remove the foreskin - but talk to your doctor first and check if this can help.

Also, it could be an allergy to something - like a condom brand or some underwear cloth you are wearing or the detergent you are using to clean them- did you try to change that? https://lovematters.in/en/making-lovesex-problems-how-to-overcome-them/d...