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Posted by Shashigang

My periods were expected on 7-April. I had a unsafe sex on 6-Apr and sperms went inside as well. I took Unwanted72 tablet as wll, but still today (15-Apr), no periods.
I have tested 3-4 times with test kit and everytime it was negative.
Will there be a chance of pregnancy? Why periods not there yet, earlier it was very regular.

moderator love-matters

Shashigang beta,
Unwanted 72 can mess up with your periods. It has hormones in huge quantities and hence the body's hormone system goes up for a toss. If you took the Unwanted 72 tablet within 24 to 72 hours, please relax, the chances of pregnancy are almost zero. Just wait for your periods for some more time, they will come. But it will also take a couple of more months for your cycle to be regular. Read this article for more details - https://lovematters.in/en/birth-controltypes-of-birth-control/what-to-ex...