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Posted by Shrad

My relationship started on May. We used to talk day and night constantly on mobile. If there were holidays in clg, he went to the village. His x also lives there. He threatened me with her and went up to the lodge for 2 days. Then he said that he would force me if I came to know. 2,3 then it started. I said will you do it again he was saying no. I forgave him then. After a few more days, he called her saying that I miss you. You are not picking up the call. Then when I came to know, he started making more excuses. After that, our relationship started, then if there were more holidays in clg, he still went to the village. So his x was telling me your bf met me today. She scolded me a lot. What should I do?

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Shrad puttar,
Dump the guy! He is not truthful to you. He is definitely cheating on you! Why do you want to be in this relationship if you know that his ex is also confirming that he met her? Just put an end to the relationship for your mental peace. You deserve better! Read this please - https://lovematters.in/en/love-and-relationships/breaking-up/knowing-whe...