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Posted by Arnavrana

My relationship is two years old but 8 months ago my number blocked by her due to some conflict she try to follow me but I did not notice it she expecting that I should contact her through other number and I were waiting for number get unblocked but number didn't unblocked by her and she stopped that number may be broke simcard. So I still wait around 1 month ago I notice something someone following me using her father number actually I am pretty sure that is father number but I had still doubt one day I messaged on that number to confirm whether number used by her not not directly asked but by prevention I text something for getting sign.
So text message is read by her but I didn't get any reply what it means if number used brother or father they will definitely reply because male always reply if someone ask about her sister, mother or daughter. If no response or reply it means number used by her.
Please give me advice thanks


Arnavrana puttar,
If she is not replying, please consider this as a no. She is not interested in you. If she would have been interested, there are other ways too to contact you - right? through social media, common friends, or by calling you directly from any number - because your number is still the same - right? You did not change your number - she did. So, my advice to you is - stop thinking about her. If she wants to contact you and she is indeed interested - she will call you and make it obvious. Else, it's all just in your mind. You can also directly call on that number she messaged you from directly and ask whose number is this and you received a message from it. Your doubt will be cleared. All the best! https://lovematters.in/en/love-and-relationships/breaking-up/getting-ove...


Arnavrana beta,
I am not able to understand your second question. Can you ask again?