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Amritesh Nandan Mall
Posted by Amritesh Nandan Mall

My semen is pure transparent?is there any problem?does ejaculating every day reduce testesterone level and affect muscle gain?

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Amritesh Nandan Mall
Bete - the consistency and volume of semen has nothing to do with masturbation. And neither is it any indication of fertility or infertility betaji. Be cool, puttar!

You see, semen has many components and sperm is one of them. Every time you ejaculate, millions of sperm leave your body. When one of your tiny little sperms meets her egg, you’ve potentially got a baby in the making. Now that happens only when all other factors – yours and hers – are ok.

It has little to do with how the semen feels and looks. If the very same watery semen has a good number of strong enough sperm, then it’s a job well done! That’s all! So please stop blaming masturbation for all your life-long problems!