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My wife missed periods and tested at home with kit and found very light 2 lines in the kit.after that she consulte a docter over phone bcoz due to covid no clinic is open and she prescribed her 10day medicine.now after 10 days she tested again at home and found 2 faint lines .what to do that docter says to do a ultrasound now as result showed faint lines.i want to know after how many days of pregnancy that lines will be darken and whether my wife is pregnent or not?what to do .

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Puneetks puttar,
Did you try the test with another brand of testing kit? Try that and use the first morning sample. Most commonly, a faint positive line means that you are pregnant but may have low levels of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) – a pregnancy hormone that home pregnancy test kits detect to give results. The hCG levels in your body increase as the pregnancy progresses, and a faint positive can be the result of taking the test too early. If you can, wait a few days and retake the test, preferably with the first urine sample of the day.
Another possibility is you waited longer than the recommended time to check the results. In such cases, the faint second line on the pregnancy test strip is known as an evaporation line. Typically, you’re meant to check the result within 3 to 5 minutes. If you wait longer than 10 minutes, the urine used for the test may evaporate, leaving a thin water line on the strip. This is often colourless or mildly pink (as a result of colour from the other line bleeding out). More often than not, an evaporation line means you’re not pregnant. Or may have done the test too early.
Unfortunately, a faint positive line can also mean that you were pregnant but aren’t anymore. This is often the result of a chemical pregnancy where a miscarriage takes place shortly after implantation. Since your body may still have some residual hCG from the brief window when you were pregnant, you can get a false positive on a home pregnancy test.
In all of these instances, the best approach is to wait a day or two, and take the test again. If you’re panicking over what the result could mean, setting up an appointment with your ob/gyn for an ultrasound is always the right thing to do. https://lovematters.in/en/home-pregnancy-tests-dos-and-donts