Posted by Chahal95

Recently i liked one girl. She daily go near by our house. At that moments we made an eye contact for 2-3 times. Last day she looked me back while pretending to adjusting the hair.
I want to approach her. But dont know how to approach and what to talk. I am truly in love with her. Please advise me.will be greatfull.


You are truly in love with a girl with whom you have never spoken never met never interacted - on the basis of what? Hair adjustment? You don't need eye contact only - you need ""I contact"" as in meeting, talking, discussing - before you find love. She may be a great fit, or then you may be totally incompatible. You yourself may not like her . Love , Dear Dost, can get swept away because of many reasons, Caste, Religion, income, education, experience - who knows what you may find hinders this relationship
SO - lets try that first. Lets be friends first and see whats coming ahead for you both.