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Posted by gfabortion

She wants an abortion to keep her dignity?

My girlfriend got pregnant and she isn’t glad about it. She told me she’s going to abort the baby in order to keep her dignity and reputation. I guess Lima women really do take pride in one’s self. She doesn’t want her parents to get disappointed, so that’s why. I was pleading at her not to do such sin, but her decision is final. She won’t listen to me either. I, being a Christian, cannot let her do such thing. Doing premarital sex is misdeed and it’s enough. We cannot make another wrongdoing to cover one.


Hi! This is'nt about any kind of women , Lima or otherwise. Women have a right over choosing abortion for their own sake. This is a Pro Life Over Pro Choice matter - perhaps you both need to talk about it as opposed to being harsh and judgemental.
Actually, the final choice is hers, its her body and her right, finally