Posted by Magesh

She's periods accures on April 27 around that i think so...i have sex with her on May 23 or 23 not remember I not injeact my sperm into her vagina...before that i take my penis ....and she have her periods on May 30 here she have her periods no problem in that...and her periods date she have some problem like fever headache etc...and she normal day to day life...and now she have vomiting yesterday night this a food poison or pregancy symtoms?and she normal now morning I have afride though...pls ans my question pls help me...


Dear Magesh,
Ok so after you both have had sex , she had her periods. and now when are her next periods due? it would be better to do a home pregnancy test to check. Sometimes there is a slight chance that the periods show up even if there is a pregnancy. it is also likely that vomitting would be due to food poisoning or indigestion. All vomitting need not be due to pregnancy. Do read this link on pregnancy testing., all the best.