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Posted by xyz

Sir i am a 19 year old guy and i have a girlfriend.she is my future wife.we talked about sex on phone and messages. she is internet friendly girl so she searched on google about sex and how it is to be done. She watched some porn movies and she read some articals about sex and every thing about it. She read that large panis is very helpful in sooner orgnism and for better satisfaction. she watched porn movies so now she has a image of large panis in her mind and the profits of it.
Before some time we were in a room and came closer to each other.there shewatched my panis first time.we dont want to do sex before marriage.so thats why she rubbed my panis for masterbation.my sperms gets out in 1 Or 2 minuts.
Then She said that she wants long panis.and also she said that she required ten times more to get satisfy.
Now i m very nervous about it.may i satisfy her?
My panis size is aroud 4.5 Or 5 inches.

May i increase it naturally?may i increase my time of sex naturally?if yes then how?
I am upset about it.....
Please sir help me....


Dear XYZ
Help your girl-friend understand that porn is mostly for entertainment. It is "acting". It is not meant to be lived in REAL life. BOTH of you should realise that. Sooner the better.
Now, other than that, I see two issues:
Regarding size of your penis, it is OK. There is a lot of individual differences. But an un-erect penis is usually between 6 to 13 centimetres. There is no natural method to increase the size. No pills. And we think, that size does not really matter. What matters is your over all approach to sex and the relationship. Check these links please:
Dont have doubts about your capacity to satisfy her, please. Learn about her body and ways of making sex a mutually fun experience. You may also want to learn about safe sex too, since you are not married yet.
Finally, you are 19 but how old is she? Is she fit to give consent for sex? Does she understand the issue and its implications? Have you two discussed it in some depth? Consider and discuss these issues.
Regarding "early" ejaculation, remember time is less important. If both of you enjoyed the intimacy of masturbation, you should not worry about time.
Remember, if you two decide not to have sex before marriage, this is fine too. There are ways of enjoying intimacy, without penetrative sex. Read here:
So final advice: try and reduce the dose of "entertainment"; learn about each other; be realistic and do only that for which both of you are ready and well informed.
Have fun but stay safe,
Thanks for getting in touch!