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Posted by Rahul070898

We had sex immediately after her periods was gone..or we can say at the last day of periods.and after that she took unwanted 72.also not all the sperm was into her.
Is there chances of pregnancy?
Last time she took the tablet she got periods again within 3 days..this time it does not happen.is it necessary that after taking pill she get periods again?
How to know of pill has done its work?

moderator Gulutips

Hello Rahul 070898,
Actually if you are having sex during periods chances of a pregnancy are remote. Also Ipill is not an ordinary contraceptive Pill, this is an emergency contraceptive pill. It has heavy doses of hormones which tampers with the period cycle and makes the period cycle irregular for many women. Kindly use a condom for sex. After taking the Ipill many experience bleeding, this may not be a period. The Ipill is a tablet to be taken only when the condom has torn or slipped out. Ok? https://lovematters.in/hi/birth-control/chosing-the-right-birth-control/.... https://lovematters.in/hi/birth-control/sex-during-my-period-do-i-need-c...
Read the links for a better understanding of the issue. All the best. Enjoy.

moderator Gulutips

The Ipill if taken within 24 hours of unprotected sex, the chances of a pregnancy are remote.