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Posted by KumarRajNE

thanks dost for send reply ok but my mom old fasion so does not read website and not read news/info about this matter online but i read ok!,

i do masturbation! last 1year but now stop kardiya fill like pain darad jasha and i getting information this not good "Bad teen boy" and I DO Sex with party balloon with friends (Boy) rubbing penis with party balloon but i getting news it is not goood so i stopped and also told to my friends other AND My 1friend is online-Smartphone porn addected so what can do my friends and my also bad dreams&Sex with balloon dream came how to stop bad dreams or sleep without dreams AND told 1year i do men masturbate in 2/3 i do indian party balloon masturbate rubbing my penis on balloon semen cames out+Filling so i am bad boy/mental? my other 1friend age 17+ also do same

Please send reply and don't close this post i have other 1 Question willbe post soon thanks!

My Name:Raj kumar, Age:19