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Posted by utopit

Thanks for reply i know that mastabution&Wet drames are normal at this age 15 to 25+ but when i sees balloon in public places/Online/etc,

Mastabution using balloon (Looner/Fetish) fillings are coming and penis erection-Precums also stats so how i contol my self "Tips",

My fear i getting bad (MayBe), i futer this activites makeme bad or Effect my health chart

Recenty this related bad drames are coming last last also bad dream come (Maybe tomorrow night again BAD Dreams comes),

I AM Also bad photos addected - How i control my mind self, My age: 17+

Last day - I Talked witha Friend (1) Said : "Stop mastabution using party balloon (Fetish/Looner) and Sit&Pop balloons If do, it maybe make infection and ingure AND It's may make you bad - if now not control your self precum at daytime willbe increase, you said when you sees balloon in anywhere bad fillings are comings means if not starts now its willbe effect your fouter life - it maybe effect your health, NIGHTFALL is normal also few times happened with me also thats ok for all Boys-Guys,

Stop viewing bad photos its makes more bad dreams for nightfall" given more tips

Sad Thanks. https://lovematters.in/en/forum/question/now-my-problime-i-am-addiction-...


Dear Utopit,
Do you want to listen to your friends on matters related sex and masturbation? You know well that masturbation is safe and there is no bad effect with Masturbation. Precum is not bad, Nightfall is normal, seeing photos on internet is also ok. Relax. Take it easy. All the best.