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Posted by utopit

Very thanks for clear my Fear Nightfall/Precum,But still 1 big Fear/tension not gone yesterday afternoon tifing hours i talking with a my closed friend i told talk about men balloon sex mastabution he opened a site and says :

"balloon fetish a disease, Sexually Excited By Balloons look for a balloon sex phobia treatment/Globofobia Sex" so get very feared also said some night dreams are also comes so said talk with doctor or parents or online sites of health but i not know doctors My age only 17 and if i told to parents they get very angry maybe talking with me stopped so i sending on this site at mid-night,
daytime i getting busy at school-collage, evening reading book and parents at house so i wakeup at midnight and sending this

Please give me some tips, i am abnormal ? my friend said if not talk with doctor/parents if its continue night dreams willbe continue and you maybe do any very activites after Few years so please help me every day thainking about it pleaseeeeeee help

I Gets normal party balloon i cannot my self i open my underware get small balloon starts shaking my penis semen comesout filling veryy nice afer self pop the balloon but now when i sees balloon tv/net/anywhere my penis starts erection sex fillings comes helpme it's bad i am veryy bad boy not cool boy!