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Posted by gaura

We are married for 3 months both of us are virgin My wife & i had sex 3-4 times in month or so and i had penetrated her only 2 times without protection and ejaculated inside her once ,we dont want baby now & she had taken i-pill for it.I am worried that we could get std as earlier I had tried many times to penetrate but couldn't do so now after using lubricant it was possible.Pls help


You don't get std by sex,unless you have infection or contact with prostitute.

moderator Bombay Sapphire

Right Wiseguy - unless either of you already has an STD - you cant get one, with just unprotected sex.
Maybe sh eis under some trauma and hence there is a lack of lubrication , she may be worried, or hasseeld - and hence is not making enough lubrication. Maybe you want to double ensure and reduce the burden by using a condom these days... and getting her body and cycle back - for wich anyways you must use condoms
Try new positions, try exciting stuff - try asking her what she wants...do not worry but use condoms . Have a lovely weekend