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We became intimate. My gf is bleeding after one hour of intimacy and till the 3rd day of intimacy. We didi not intercourse bt we were rough during the intimacy. So please tell me how to stop it nd how can it be stop further. We are so worried


Dear saurabh046,
If you are saying that after a bit of rough sex there is bleeding till the 3rd day it is advisable to see a registered doctor. If it was hymen rupture, the bleeding would have been little. Is it possible for you to see a registered doctor? Kindly see one without feelings of shame and guilt. Afterall you were both having sex and not committing a crime. All the best.


Yes but we are worried about pregnancy, is it possible without intercourse??


Yes, its possible because aroused penis secretes a sticky fluid which may carry sperms , so its best to check through a home pregnancy test. Though chances of a positive test are quite remote.


Plz read above questions and reply to this one. My gf has not got her periods means her MC starting date was 10th of nov. bt still she has no traces of it. What wud be the cause for this we are so worried


Hello saurabh046,
When was her last period, the expected date for the period was 10th Nov but the periods have been delayed right? Did you do a pregnancy test as suggested? though chances of pregnancy are remote, it is better to rule this out.
Periods can get delayed, aften tension worry play a part of the onset of periods, try to relax and go about your usual schedule.
Do write here again.


She started her las MC on 10th Oct. and this time she delayed them 6 days. No we have not done pregenancy test yet.


A pregnancy test can be done after 10 days of a sexual encounter. You could do a test just to rule out the pregnancy. . And as said earlier, the periods can delay as well. All the best.