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Elavarasi Palani
Posted by Elavarasi Palani

We had a sex till 16 days in my circle. My period average cycle is 29 days. We are planning for pregnancy and I m feeling few pre pragnancy symptoms. Just I want to know is there a chances of pragnancy and when is the right date to do a home test?. My last period date is September 22

moderator Gulutips

Dear Elavarsi Palani,
If youve had unprotected sex then chances of a pregnancy are always there, You can take a home test 10 days after the last sex, so if you take the test tomorrow morning you could know if you are pregnant or not. Follow the instructions given on the packet.
https://lovematters.in/en/pregnancy/home-pregnancy-tests-dos-and-donts and do read this link. All the best. Write to us again if you have any more questions.