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Posted by mehul09

When i got erection, full head is not poped out from the skin(only 10 % come out) and when i try to down the skin from head it stretch too much that i feel the pain.

Is that normal or i have to do something?


Dear mehul09,
It seems that the foreskin doesnt cover the penis head fully, and it gives you pain. when you strectch out. Can you pull the foreskin down easily, if that is not happening then there will be pain while having sex. If the foreskin rolls back then it is fine. All the best


I am not able pull down my foreskin easily.

So is there any solution?


Often circumcision is the solution for this problem. Kindly see a registered doctor and take an opinion. Reda this link on circumcision. https://lovematters.in/hi/our-bodies/male-body/my-foreskin-is-tight-shou...,