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Posted by Riti9712

when i walk on road my hips move up and down what should i do ? People look this continue , why this problm i am facing?


Riti9712, Puttar, First up, lots of love from Auntyji.

Beta, you are not alone on this planet to receive this kind of extra attention. I dont know what fun our fellow planet people get in staring. If your Auntyji catches anyone staring, bas uski toh khair nahi!

I have also seen girls with big breasts write to me. They too are being stared at - may be in your office, in your college, at the gym!. Does it make us odd women? No, not at all!

So first thing is puttar that you've got to learn to ignore it and love and accept your body. What we have is natural and why should we be made to feel shamed for it? Being sad about your own body will make you lose your self-confidence, beta. So own up to your body and feel comfortable and confident about your hips.

What else can you do? Wear complimentary clothes. Choose outfits and tops that are trendy and colours that help you feel confident about your hips. Clothes that won’t make you feel you have something to hide but flaunt.

You can also talk to a trainer, who can help you with exercises that get more tone and fit in your body to make you feel more confident about your body.

Last, but not the least puttar, Love your body beta. Love what you have been blessed with. Hold your head high, add some attitude and a smile to your walk. It is the person inside your head you need to worry about, not on the road. Theek hai na puttar! Now smile, ok.