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Sushila Prajapati
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Mam I am just trying to know that.....
Without proper sex and without breaking hymen layer, would we get pregnant or not
There was no bleeding as well

मॉडरेटर Gulutips

Dear Sushila Prajapati,
If your partner has ejaculated in the vagina, then there are chances of a pregnancy.
See, the hymen is a fragile piece of skin that is inside the vagina around the vaginal cavity, its not a seal of an air tight box that has to be broken to gain entry. So if an ejaculation happens around the mouth of the vagina, there are chances of a pregnancy . It is a myth that there is bleeding when the hymen is broken. Some women dont even have a hymen. Read about the vagina in this link. https://lovematters.in/en/our-bodies/female-body/vagina-top-five-facts. After10 days of this incident, you could check by using a Home pregnancy test regarding pregnancy. Feel free to ask more question son this topic or otherwise/