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I am currently in a relationship. We both love each other but due to different caste it will not be possible to marry. So we have decided to stay like this till one of us get married. Now she her parents are looking a boy... It will take near about a year to her to get marry...
Now i have developed feelings for another girl... What should i do? Should i go for new girl or wait ... If i have to go how to tell my gf about this

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vishal beta,
this is a tricky situation! well, I would say - talk to your gf. Tell her how you are feeling for another girl. She may get annoyed and feel a bit shocked - but that will be better than cheating on her and not letting her know, right? It would be good to bear her anger for a couple of days rather than cheat her and then hurt her feelings. So please tell her - talk to her. https://lovematters.in/en/love-and-relationships/relationship-problems/c...