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Mere periods 5 March ko hue the than I sex on 17 March and take unwanted72 then I got bleeding on 24 March for 4 days but bleeding was more than spotting and less than my regular periods bleeding I m confuse that I m pregnant or not and when I would take pregnancy test???

मॉडरेटर love-matters

Asdfghi bete,
If you had bleeding of any sort then there are no chances of pregnancy. Unwanted 72 messes up with your periods and you also have bleeding after taking this pill. It has large amount of hormones which can mess up with your periods. Your periods will now take sometime to return to normal. You are not pregnant. So relax. Unwanted 72 ek emergency goli hai jo ki unsafe sex ke 72 ghanton ke andar hee lee jaati hai, jitnee jaldi so behtar. PLEASE in goliyoun ko laparvahi se istemaal mat keejiye.
Safe sex ke liye condom ka istemal kiya jaata hai naa ki emergency pills ka bête, yaha padho zara: https://lovematters.in/hi/resource/safe-sex


Thanks ma'am